Its never too late to change

In my youth, I was afraid to get stuck on a path that would lead me to a life that I did not want. Since I didn’t know what I wanted but only what I didn’t want, I avoided making choices. Instead of trying different things that interested me I waited for the answer to come to me while I spent my time doing things just to get by.  If I could advise my younger self I would point out that you can change direction at any point along the way and the only way to really find out what you want is to explore, be curious and make mistakes.  

Since I didn’t get any inspiring advice like this my life unfolded randomly with me taking what life gave me and distracting myself when my intuition urged me to change.  Once I started to do the things I seemed to be good at I did find some success but it didn’t really make me happy.  Despite this, I pressed on. There were two monumental periods in my life where I found the courage to make significant changes.  The first was soon after I had met the woman I would marry and the second was ten years later when we divorced.  Although the second was painful and very challenging for me, it leads to some life-changing decisions which, in hindsight, make me want to thank my ex-wife instead of the resentment I felt at the time. These were changes I could have made during my marriage but I was afraid of changing the life I had built even though I was unhappy.   

Life decisions are always difficult if you focus on what you stand to lose.  There is risk and opportunity in every choice we make.  If you realise that the choices you have made so far have led to a life that does not fulfil or inspire you then the bigger risk is staying on that path. No matter what you have built for yourself or how much you have invested, if that life does not serve you it is time to change. No matter how much success you have found in a job that you hate the money will never be enough. The same is true of relationships or projects that are taking your nowhere. Just getting by, whether financially or emotionally, is no way to live your life. 

Only you can determine what an inspiring life means to you but almost everyone I have ever met had the potential to be more.  Trust yourself when inspiration comes and let go of your fear of change. Don’t wait for a crisis to create change in your life. A change also does not have to happen overnight and of course, you can investigate and consider your options, but take the first step. When you feel inspired to act the choices you make will always bring you something worthwhile. And no matter how much life you have already lived remember it is never too late to change!