What is pulling you forward?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it obligations? Habit? Discipline? Or maybe it is excitement, passion and curiosity. Very few people know what they want to do with their lives at a young age. Most of us seriously ask ourselves questions about what we want to do with our lives from adolescence to middle age. Even if you thought you had your life all figured out by your twenties or thirties you will likely reach a point in life where you ask yourself if you have made the right choices or is this all there is? These are the kinds of question people end up asking me in coaching sessions. 

When working with CEOs or senior managers I often try to make sure they are a clear vision for their organisations future. This is because it has a significant influence on motivation and culture within their teams. The same is true of individuals. If you have a long term vision for yourself and your life you will find more meaning and purpose in the events of each day. Finding the motivation to engage with life will be less challenging. You will constantly have something pulling you forward rather than having to push yourself to be your best. This can be a way of living that you are striving for or a version of yourself that you are working toward. Whether you think you can achieve it or not it is the desire to achieve it that matters. 

I know that I am always encouraging people to live more in the present rather than focusing on some future outcome but the two are not mutually exclusive. Think of yourself sailing a boat. Before you set sail you will chart a course. As you sail it is import to be aware of the weather conditions, the direction of the wind, and obstacles in your way. You may enjoy the view, the tranquillity of a calm sea or the challenge of navigating certain passages. The same is true in life. You can have a vision of where you want life to take you while still fully experiencing each moment. And just as with sailing, if you ignore what is happening around you, the result could be a shipwreck. 

It is important not to confuse a life vision with life goals. There are things we aspire to that my we may never achieve but our efforts to get as close as we can keep us moving forward. This can also apply to the journey of personal development. The work of growing and evolving is never done so a vision of who you would like to evolve into keeps the desire to improve alive. These are the things that keep driving us forward. The children you raise will become adults, or the goals you set for yourself will be achieved or exchanged for other goals, but the vision for your life can always be out ahead of you. It is a striving for mastery even if you never become a master. Or if you do master your passion in life, you can become a teacher or a mentor. The work is never done so enjoy the work and let it draw you forward.