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In my podcast, you will find discussions around personal development and developing a philosophy for your private or professional life. The basis for this is my regular blog, which I try to keep as short as possible. However, the podcast allows me to deep dive into certain topics which require more depth and nuance.

Some of the episodes feature conversations with Tobias Demker, an expert in people and organisational development. Before the podcast, we had these conversations over the phone or video calls. As our conversations turned out to be helpful to ourselves, we decided to go public. For us, it allows us to reflect on the work we do with individuals and organisations and at the same time share knowledge with others. As a result, we discuss topics around organisational culture and personal development.

The podcast is also available via Buzzsprout and Spotify. Just check it out! Of course, we are happy about receiving your rating. Moreover, you can watch us on Youtube if you are interested in the faces behind the podcast. Anyway, please add your comments or send us your ideas about topics we should cover in one of the next episodes.

However, personal development and developing a philosophy will make you happier and more successful. Let’s work on it together.