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Belief filters

There are currently plenty of discussions around the polarisation and discontent we see in the world.  As uncertainty and frustration grow people are looking for answers, but have we lost the ability to empathise and the willingness to try to understand each other? Social media is filled with speculation around the intentions or hidden agendas of people or groups with positions of power in both politics and business. However, it is difficult to understand anyone, whether in a position of power or not, without first understanding the beliefs that drive their actions. An overly negative view of the world can distort how we see situations and fuel our growing dissatisfaction.

We see the world through the filter of our beliefs. In other words, we all see the world through a particular lens or from the perspective of the beliefs we have developed. If we allow our beliefs to become too negative we may see only problems all around us.  From this perspective, solutions will be difficult to identify and our levels of stress and anxiety will increase. The decisions we make and actions we take will then also be made out of fear. Choices made our fear do not lead to happy results. 

When I look at people in positions of power I try to understand the beliefs behind their choices and opinions.  For example, if someone is a business leader in the area of high tech. such as Bill Gates or Elon Musk, their beliefs may tell them the solutions to the world's problems will come primarily through technology. Those with more extreme beliefs about the world may have more radical ideas about how to tackle the problems facing our world. People who feel uncertain and frustrated may gravitate to leaders who are willing to undertake more radical change.  From a fear-based perspective, the longer-term effects of radical choices will be difficult to recognise. 

How do you see the current state of the world? Do you have a primarily negative view of the immediate future or do you still have some optimism?  I have some criticisms of society and its leaders but I remain optimistic. I try not to let fear inform my beliefs and influence my choices. This helps me look beyond problems to possible solutions and keeps me from becoming nihilistic. A fear-based perspective on the world will cause us to overlook possibilities for positive change and make negative choices.  Happiness is difficult to find if your beliefs have you looking at the world through a negative filter and it will be more difficult to make choices that lead to positive change and a happier life. 

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